Граф Непричем
взрослый ребенок
Хуй ( khuy) is a Russian expletive whose literal meaning is penis. It's an incredibly common word in Russian-speaking countries and has quite a lot of meanings. It also has numerous derivatives that describe various actions. Common phrases include: "Пошел нахуй", "Иди нахуй", "Хуй тебе" (approx. "fuck you"), "Дохуя" ("shitload"), "Похуй" ("it's irrelevant", "fuck it", "I don't care"), "Хуёво" ("very bad"), "Охуенно" or "Охуительно" ("awesome!"), "Нихуя себе" ("fuck me", extreme surprise), "Нахуя?" ("what the fuck for?"), "Прихуеть" (be surprised, PREVED!), "Хуячить" or "Хуярить" (to beat smth or move fast), "Расхуярить" (to destroy smth), "Похуярить" (to go somewhere fastly), "Хуйнуть" (hit somebody, drink smth), "Охуеть" (to be surprised or to become impudent), "Хуйня" ("bullshit"), "Хуевинка" or "Хуйнюшка" (small, tiny thing), "Хуясе!" (exclamation of wonder), "хуйнутъся" (to fall down), "Хуева туча" (great number of smth), "Отхуярить" (brutal strike of somebody).